Neal & Wolf Smooth Hair Box

A gift box of three Neal & Wolf hair products that will keep hair smooth and silky. It contains the Ritual Cleansing Shampoo, Harmony Intensive Care Treatment and the Silk Smoothing Blow-dry Balm. Ritual Cleansing Shampoo & Harmony Intensive Care Treatment- I can not get over how wonderful these products smell! They smell sweet but not in a gourmand way... they have more of a musky, powdery sweet fruit thing going on. I actually think that would smell great as a hair mist or even body spray. I do think they are gentle enough for every day use but still strong enough to remove hairsprays & gels. The Intensive Care treatment I feel is less of treatment and more of a regular conditioner. It feels really good on my hair (which we all know by now is dyed to within an inch of its life!) and leaves it silky soft. I always say not to judge shampoos & conditioners until hair is fully dry. Well fully dry my hair feels clean, bouncy and smooth. Silk Smoothing Blow-dry Balm, this is not scented like the other two. It's the consistency of a body lotion which makes it very easy to distribute over hair.

I do like the fact it's not heavy as I suffer from flat hair so I don't need it to be any more weighed down. I think at £11.95 it's really good value for money as a little goes a long way. I have very long hair but I am pretty confident this bottle will last me a good while! Smooth hair! And yes I've had a big haircut! Many of you will be familiar with the brand as a full sized item was given away with Glossybox a few months ago. I have repurchased the conditioner I got with that Glossybox because of how much I enjoyed it. When they got in touch with me to feature the items on the blog, I had to resist the temptation to say, 'Of course!' No question about it I am a big fan of the brand. One of the beautiful images from the Neal & Wolf website with step by step instructions to achieve the look here. I think this would be perfect for a Christmas gift! You can buy Neal & Wolf products online here at the official website. Giftboxes available at Soho Base & Base Cuts Too in London.