Sherlock Bonus

Speaking of the devil, I'm not sure that this charismatic, non-professorial Moriarty is what the show needed. He seems to be a direct ripoff of Heath Ledger's twitchy Joker from The Dark Knight. While highly driven and evil and fun to watch, he does not seem like a criminal mastermind capable of beating Sherlock Holmes at his own game. He just seems like a dick. I had more fun watching Sherlock torment Watson at the Baskerville lab than watching Moriarty play cat and mouse. It felt like Die Hard 3, no disrespect to the Die Hard series, or your Die Hard fan fiction, or your custom Die Hard van with the airbrushed Bruce Willis face and the fake bullet holes. Your van is great and I want to borrow it. In conclusion: I thought Moriarty was complaining about Staying Alive (the song by popular recording artists The Bee Gees) being boring, and I thought that was very funny. Also, the wear pattern on your right boot indicates you fought with the Taliban, and not against them. Could a bullet-time Minority Report style Columbo reboot be far off?