Sherlock Bonus

Speaking of the devil, I'm not sure that this charismatic, non-professorial Moriarty is what the show needed. He seems to be a direct ripoff of Heath Ledger's twitchy Joker from The Dark Knight. While highly driven and evil and fun to watch, he does not seem like a criminal mastermind capable of beating Sherlock Holmes at his own game. He just seems like a dick. I had more fun watching Sherlock torment Watson at the Baskerville lab than watching Moriarty play cat and mouse. It felt like Die Hard 3, no disrespect to the Die Hard series, or your Die Hard fan fiction, or your custom Die Hard van with the airbrushed Bruce Willis face and the fake bullet holes. Your van is great and I want to borrow it. In conclusion: I thought Moriarty was complaining about Staying Alive (the song by popular recording artists The Bee Gees) being boring, and I thought that was very funny. Also, the wear pattern on your right boot indicates you fought with the Taliban, and not against them. Could a bullet-time Minority Report style Columbo reboot be far off?


One of the few great re-imaginings has been Sherlock. There was nothing wrong with Doyle's literary detective, but the Moffat show has been a classic in the making. It could be The Version. Yet! The conclusion of the second series has left me with a lukewarm feeling. Consensus decrees that it was the previous episode, a Hound adaptation that was weakest, but I enjoyed it so much more than the final problem. The Richenbach Fall converts the Holmes formula into a serial killer, no one beleives me, Batman and Joker duality slowjam. The details nag: Moriarty's plans are so complicated that at any point, random chance could have unraveled them. For a property so invested in logical mystery solving, these leaps of faith conspire to expose the show's machinery, a plot delivery system with only the needed parts included. Plus all the best king chairs are in glass booths at Westminster Abbey, not The Tower of London. That's where the jewels are. Not important. Forget it. It would seem clear that Moriarty is not dead...

Holmes does not examine the body, and after so many layers of deception and stagecraft, who would believe it? As in the source story and the TV show, Holmes is not dead. Sherlock arranged something prior to the meeting with his smitten medical assistant. His "I think I'm about to die, I need you" is meant to mislead on the romance angle, but we know better, especially since nothing is shown or implied. She has the keys to the morgue, and probably knows some EMTs. Forget what you were shown, the trick will be revealed. In fact, the entire rooftop showdown seems to have been a double-fakeout by Sherlock, meant to convince Moriarty that Holmes was beaten and to con his friends into believing him dead, so that he could vanish into the grave and work the case undetected. Holmes, beaten by a "we're not so different" gambit and the life of his landlady? I should think not, I say!

Lets Get Flawless Skin

Hi Everyone. A lot of you leave me comments or send me emails asking how I get flawless skin. I've been saying for ages that I'll do a skincare post and here we are at long last. I spend a lot of time and money on my skin as its more important to me than makeup and hair. I used to suffer really badly from eczema so now I'm older I take extra special care of it. If I don't hydrate my skin looks dry, flaky and dull. I get spots like everyone else too mine are mainly a week before my period is due but its not a major breakout just 1 maybe 2 spots. I'll try to list the best products in order that I use them: Johnson's 3 in 1 wipes for Dry Sensitive Skin (blue ones). I have never found a wipe that holds the moisture as much as these loads of wipes that I have tried dry out within a week. Johnson's wipes make my face feel refreshed and they remove every little bit of makeup including waterproof mascara without scrubbing hard at your face. These come in a variety of types Normal Skin, Combination Skin, etc. 

They can be bought practically anywhere I either purchase them from Asda, Tesco, Boots or Superdrug. They are usually on offer 2 for 6$. So keep your eye out when they are and stock up like I do. Dermalogica Active Moist Moisturising Cream. I first heard of Dermalogica when I received a travel set for Christmas it had a selection of their products but in a travel size. I found myself particularly drawn to the moisturiser. Its mainly aimed at people with Normal to Oily skin but I find that it does wonders for my Dry skin! Its lightweight and oil free and it contains silk amino acids to help smooth and improve the skins texture. It absorbs quickly and doesn't feel greasy after use. I often use this instead of a primer as I love the way it smooths out my skin. I also find that this helps my eczema more than the prescription cream that the doctor gave me. It is a little bit pricey but the quality is amazing and a little goes a long way. I use mine (now the 100ml size) twice a day sometimes more in the winter and my current one has lasted me 5 months! Cost is around 32$.

Healthy Choices for Wellness

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