Want Fake Nails Without Glue?

So you love having fake nails but how much are you damaging your nail during the process? For years I would religiously have acrylic nails done. You could say I was addicted. I personally think nails look there best when they have been french manicured. After taking a break from having acrylic nails done and having a harsh reality check. How much I was spending on acrylic nails and the damage that my poor nails were in after the harsh chemicals in the glue. So I laid off the fake nails for everyday wear and just stuck some on when there was a special occasion. I received a email from Nailene Adhesive Nail Tabs. I needed to learn more so once I logged onto my laptop I had a little read. Nailene's Ultra Adhesive Tabs will not damage the natural nail and are long lasting for up to 5 days guaranteed. I had nothing to lose so I contacted the lovely lady at Nailene and asked her if she could send me a sample of the tabs. 

Once I received the tabs I rushed to the shop to pick up some fake nails to use the tabs with. I always use the Nailene So Natural Short Square French Manicured nails. You can pick these up from Boots or Superdrug for around $10 depends on the offers. To use: Select a tab that is the closest size to the nail you are going to apply it to. Hold the tab down on the chosen nail for around 10-15 seconds. Peel off the clear backing on the tab and apply your false nail. Hold for another 10-15 seconds and you're done! My Verdict: I was a little bit optimistic about these. I thought the nail would fall off within a few hours but I was wrong! My full set of nails lasted 10 days before they started to feel a little bit loose. I loved the fact that it was such an easy and clean application. When I use glue I get it everywhere and usually my fingers stick together and its a complete nightmare! 

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